The Snow Must Go On

Ever wished life would flow as simply as snow from the sky?

The Good Kill: Spark in the Silence – Novel Review

Today there’s an undertone of social injustices plaguing our world with a threatening yet taboo sense of doom that seems unspeakable by most. Discussions on suicide, PTSD and human trafficking have either seemed hushed or handled controversially...that is, until Kurt Brindley came along. His novel, The Good Kill is an emblem of progress for all [...]

Books to Read Before Summer’s Over…How to Promote Yours Before Then

Hey fellow bloggers! So today I've got great news and bad news; let's get the former out of the way, shall we? Bad news: the dog days are rushing to a close and for many that means less lounging time to catch up with the latest summer shows & reads *cough* and to binge watch Netflix all day *cough, cough*.

Everlasting Endurance and the ECF : A Story about Never Losing Hope

"What are you doing?" his snide voice seemed to slither up behind her out of no where. "Taking a picture of this scholarship board..." "Why?" he did little to sheathe the edge of condescension in his tone. "It's not like you'll ever win anyways."

Talking to Yourself…Online…You Should Try it!

Hey fellow bloggers. So this time last year, I had an amazing English teacher who introduced this excellent idea during the final block of the year: writing letters to yourself. It's a time capsule kind of idea where you don't open it for a select amount of years...if you can wait that long...

Poll: Only One Language?… + a Novel Review

Do you ever think about the 7000+ languages in the world and wonder how one human race managed to divide into so many languages? How we can possibly manage to become increasingly globalized when these lingual barriers constantly limit and challenge us? These are the questions that came to mind when reading David Bellos' novel [...]

My Quarterly 2-Cents: Novel, Film and Music Reviews of April-May

I’m Hey fellow bloggers, The past few months have brought a whole barrage of literature to my's my quick 2-cents on it all: April April Books I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall: 3/5 🌟🌟🌟   This novel was well written with an interesting plot but not so interesting pace. It's about a [...]

Music: Ophelia…Cleopatra…Gloria…Now Donna and…You!

Hey fellow bloggers, So you know The Lumineers? It's that feel-good, folks-y kind of indie band who's artistic music fills everybody with nostalgic happiness? Well a few hours ago they came out with another single named ONCE AGAIN after some seemingly random woman's name. First they released the song Ophelia, then Cleopatra, then Angela, last [...]