How Canadian Students Can Make Thousands

Hello fellow bloggers and aspiring scholarship recipients, Believe me when I say that, in my lifetime, I've applied fro at least 40 scholarships and 3 things have remained true throughout: The majority of scholarship finding databases are targeted at American schools/students. The ones here in Canada are COMPETITIVE! They seem to require perfect marks or hours [...]


Talking to Yourself…Online…You Should Try it!

Hey fellow bloggers. So this time last year, I had an amazing English teacher who introduced this excellent idea during the final block of the year: writing letters to yourself. It's a time capsule kind of idea where you don't open it for a select amount of years...if you can wait that long... and then [...]

Poll: Only One Language?… + a Novel Review

Do you ever think about the 7000+ languages in the world and wonder how one human race managed to divide into so many languages? How we can possibly manage to become increasingly globalized when these lingual barriers constantly limit and challenge us? These are the questions that came to mind when reading David Bellos' novel [...]

My Quarterly 2-Cents: Novel, Film and Music Reviews of April-May

I’m Hey fellow bloggers, The past few months have brought a whole barrage of literature to my's my quick 2-cents on it all: April April Books I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall: 3/5 🌟🌟🌟   This novel was well written with an interesting plot but not so interesting pace. It's about a [...]

Music: Ophelia…Cleopatra…Gloria…Now Donna and…You!

Hey fellow bloggers, So you know The Lumineers? It's that feel-good, folks-y kind of indie band who's artistic music fills everybody with nostalgic happiness? Well a few hours ago they came out with another single named ONCE AGAIN after some seemingly random woman's name. First they released the song Ophelia, then Cleopatra, then Angela, last [...]

Mother Earth’s Birthday

Hey fellow bloggers, It's earth day and I wanted to raise awareness to all the essential ways we citizen of Earth can help save it: Not sure how you can make a difference? It starts with this little things like these cool, innovative ways to reduce your plastic consumption that I noticed over on @PoojaG [...]

Today’s Topic: You

Hey fellow bloggers,       Today I'm throwing a series of polls and tags your way in an attempt to discover more about you guys. Specifically, I want to know which books, TV shows, movies and music pieces you guys are into so I can cover that in my  next "Quarterly Two Cents" review. So I'm [...]

My Quarterly Two-Cents: Literary Reviews of January-March

Hey fellow bloggers, I've been reading a lot since right before the new year started and it's inspired me to start a new segment here. "My Quarterly Two-Cents" is where I put in my two-cents aka opinion about some of the latest novels and movies from the last quarter (3 months) of the year. That [...]