Trust No One? More like Understand No One ~ “Variant” Novel Review

Hello fellow bloggers, SO listen up all lovers of Maze Runner, Lord of the Flies, Divergent or 1984/Big Brother type novels. This dystopian thriller from Robison Wells might be your next read. Enclosed in the pages of what I presumed to be another generic, run-of-the-mill YA novel was a story that certainly positively challenged my [...]


Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanks-Giveaway?

Hey fellow bloggers, I had two blogging ideas: the first one being to change my blogging frequency to once every 3-4 weeks.  I've discovered that I need more time to experience life and literature in between posts before I can share the deep thoughts and analysis that I truly wish to. The second idea was  hosting [...]

Unrealistic Moments in Mama Mia 2: Why We All Love it Anyway

Hey fellow bloggers, So by now I' m sure you've seen or heard of the Mama Mia 2 movie release...and it's awesome! If you're still deciding whether to splurge on tickets, you can take it from me (or,  if you prefer, from the 80% review on Rotten Tomatoes) that the movie's worth it. If you're [...]

Lessons Learned from 2 Years of Blogging

Guess who's back! (*jokingly cues Eminem song* back again. Shady's back. Tell a friend!) No but seriously, hey everybody. I've returned from my 4-month long posting hiatus to become a frequent blogger again...and man does it feel good. I'm excited to enter a third year of producing content for this excellent community. In fact, let [...]

Stop Stressing: See the Bigger Picture of Mother Nature

Today, I thought this post would be appropriate to remind us of the importance of Earth Day.

The Writing Wave

Hello fellow writers and all nature lovers. This is a response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge

With all the Canada 150 national events going on this past summer, I couldn’t help but feel inspired to go out hiking in the forests and celebrate the breath-taking beauty of my homeland. From destinations as small as nearby nature reserves to destinations of Jasper, AB, there was tons of nature to be found.

I tend to come to a lot of realizations when I’m out in nature. Particularly my hike in Punch Bowl Falls, Jasper, lead me to realize how useless it is to spend time stressing about the social structures and worries of our daily lives. Allow me to explain.

Looking out into the Punch Bowl valley, I saw luscious vegetation for miles above me and waterfalls flowing down for miles below me, all to unite in a pool of…

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Still I Rise

Hello fellow bloggers, I know my my posting day doesn't come for another week but I just couldn't help myself...not for something as big as this! Today marks the 90th birthday of someone who was one of the most revolutionary civil right activists: Maya Angelou. I used to find motivational quotations and poems kinda cheesy [...]

Poem: The Foundation – by Imani-Amour

The Writing Wave

I am many people’s rock
like the base of a building,
more and more bricks piled on I,
foundation of others

So much weight, I can’t take
others problems placed before mine
always you, you, you but never I
more weight as I make
promises I won’t keep
I can not keep

For soon an emotional wrecking ball                                                                                                       life swings without fail
and I, foundation, crack
and break
and with a crash I fall
I let my bricks tumble down
I can’t help them off the ground

I’m already there
Dragged down, destroyed disaster.
We’re all better off on…

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