Underdog ~ Poem

Underdog~ Poem It will catch you, hold you captive The truth And it won't set you free this time That you're not enough you're not enough. always trying to make up wearing makeup to hide the flaws that make you That make you not enough Underdog. All you'll ever be. Under not over. You'll never [...]


Hell and High Water – Film Review and Analysis

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZYzBCGwua4 Somehow, viewers find themselves cheering for two bank-robbing brothers during this refreshing, modern day Texan story. Driven into debt by the reverse mortgage taxes of America's 2007 economy crash, Hell and High Water's protagonists must rob to pay off their momma's ranch. If you don't mind coarse language, watch in disbelief as good guys Toby (Chris Pine) [...]