Totally Underrated Literature…that Could Change EVERYTHING

Hello fellow bloggers, I've got an issue. Only now that I'm finishing off my high school days am I noticing a major flaw in the curriculum: WE LEARN ALL THE WRONG STUFF!


Mother Earth’s Birthday

Hey fellow bloggers, It's earth day and I wanted to raise awareness to all the essential ways we citizen of Earth can help save it: Not sure how you can make a difference? It starts with this little things like these cool, innovative ways to reduce your plastic consumption that I noticed over on @PoojaG [...]

Today’s Topic: You

Hey fellow bloggers,       Today I'm throwing a series of polls and tags your way in an attempt to discover more about you guys. Specifically, I want to know which books, TV shows, movies and music pieces you guys are into so I can cover that in my  next "Quarterly Two Cents" review. So I'm [...]

My Quarterly Two-Cents: Literary Reviews of January-March

Hey fellow bloggers, I've been reading a lot since right before the new year started and it's inspired me to start a new segment here. "My Quarterly Two-Cents" is where I put in my two-cents aka opinion about some of the latest novels and movies from the last quarter (3 months) of the year. That [...]

Capable Cumberbatch in Capturing Play

Hey fellow bloggers, I wrote this play review years ago when the Bennedict Cumberbatch version of Hamlet was open to my local theatre...but I was WAY too scared to share it back then. Now that  National Theatre Live has resumed play viewings, and I'm no longer afraid of writing on the internet, I thought it [...]

To Read or Not to Read: Beauty and the Beast

Hey fellow bloggers, So about a year ago, the Beauty and the Beast remake starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad was released only to become the ninth-fastest-grossing film worldwide. Huge success.  Around then, I found this copy of the novel the film is based on and I thought it'd be cool [...]

To Read or Not to Read: Battle of the Simons

Have you ever been in a time bust and wanted nothing more than a quick verdict on the better choice for your schedule: reading the original novel or watching its film adaptation? Well look no further; this new comparison segment I'm starting has got you covered! The plan is for me to read the book, [...]

If You’ve Been Trying to Become a Leader ~ “Coach Carter” Film Analysis

Hey fellow bloggers ~~Just a friendly reminder that I also post on Vocal now and if you've got a moment you can read this article there instead to support my writing career. Appreciated~~ In 1999, news channel headlines were brimming with the scandalous disciplinary measures taking place at Richmond High School, California. Ken Carter, the [...]

Bumblebee: Only B(ee) That’s Worth an A+

Film Review (rating 4/5) Hey fellow bloggers, Do you love rocking out to the Smiths, Bon Jovi and other 80s musical icons? Do you remember being an angsty teen rebelliously adventuring for your freedom and true place in the world? Are you looking for a heartwarming story about true friendship helping with the stages of [...]