Interview with a Bio-technician in Training

Hello fellow bloggers, Bet you never thought you'd see an interview with a scientist on a writing blog. However, I am a lady of my words. As promised, this space will serve not only as an educational resource for literature, but also as a resource for those looking into careers of all categories and majors. [...]


Poem: The Foundation – by Imani-Amour

The Writing Wave

I am many people’s rock
like the base of a building,
more and more bricks piled on I,
foundation of others

So much weight, I can’t take
others problems placed before mine
always you, you, you but never I
more weight as I make
promises I won’t keep
I can not keep

For soon an emotional wrecking ball                                                                                                       life swings without fail
and I, foundation, crack
and break
and with a crash I fall
I let my bricks tumble down
I can’t help them off the ground

I’m already there
Dragged down, destroyed disaster.
We’re all better off on…

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How Many Languages?

In this blogging community all about writing and literary works, I thought it would be interesting to find out how many languages members can write in. Let us all know through this poll. If you've got a minute, comment which languages they are or which languages you wish you could learn.