About This Blog

Hello fellow writers.

This page explains a bit about the author of this blog, how it came to be and how it works today.

So, what can I say about me? I am a Canadian university student with a great penchant for literature and writing. For me, there’s a thrill that comes from writing and reading the work of others; like a tropical vacation for my inner poet. Upon trying to share this passion with various classmates, I found that some people thrive when discussing the symbolic messages of a novel or composing lyrics to enchant listeners, others yawn at the prospect. What do you do when you have no place to share the raging fire inside your soul? You make one. So that’s what I’ve done with this blog. Here is the community for the poets, philosophers, ranters and analytical book critics to start discussions and share their opinions. Finally, passionate writers from far and wide may come together in this virtual ocean wave and let their words flow.

Writers can expect to see  bi-weekly posts and the occasional poll on the main page. In between those times, feel free to view my past posts, which are categorized into different subjects in the top menu of this blog for your convenience. Also, feel free to leave feedback for other writers or share your own work here. On that page, you can post a link to the work on your own blog, if you’d like.  Don’t be shy to share; I made this blog for opinions and works like yours! Other than that, I look forward to watching this community grow with passionate writers! Please feel at home, in this beach resort for the writer’s mind and this oasis for those who thirst to engage in the intellectual art of literature.