Five Ways to Prep for “Back To School” Season

Hello fellow writers and students, I know we've secretly been dreading it all summer, but alas that rueful time of year has come: Back to School. *Insert Doomsday Music*. While I know we all cherished our summer sleeping-in and extensive free-time, going back to the books doesn't have to be so dreadful. After all, this [...]


The Writing Wave’s Anniversary: Things I Learned Through My First Year of Blogging

Hello Fellow Writers, Today marks the official 365 day mark of having started this blog and it's been a real teaching experience for me. Here's what I learned: ◊ There are blogs about everything on the WordPress Reader. I never would have expected to find blogs solely dedicated to nail art, theatrical play festivals or [...]

Canadian Summers

June After months of daydreaming of basking in warmth Summer finally seeps into Our  winter wonderland Just a few more weeks before exams end And we CANNONBALL dive Into temperate freedom July The absolute zero temperature of frozen glaciers shifts They melt into soft, cool arms of a lake that caress the mountain side Embrace [...]

Spotlight is Always Yours

The floor's yours Time to take Your rightful spot On center stage Perform your best Give your all Until judge says: You're worth it This deepest desire So close you... Can taste it Can almost grasp In your fingertips But it slips Along with all Trace of confidence Into abyss of Not good enough If [...]