Film Analysis: The Way Way Back

Directors Nat Faxon and Jim Rash enrich this heart-warming, coming-of-age story through  symbolic and meaningful choices mainly made in movie title, lighting and wardrobe. There were also a few meaningful choices in color scheme and location. All these mechanisms are used to evoke a deep empathy in the viewer for the movie’s protagonist. These mechanisms [...]


Ever Wondered About a Cop’s life?: Interview With A Peace Officer

Just as promised back in August, I've ensured that this blog dabbles into a variety of  topics in addition to writing.  Part of this has been, reporting interview answers from members in diverse professions for any of my readers making their career choices. Today, here's an interview with Peace Officer Williams: How long have you [...]

Webpage Video Magic: How Videos Enhance Websites

  Hello fellow writers, bloggers and members of Matinée Multilingual,  Sometimes, I believe that if I were born in a generation without YouTube videos, I might...die. Alright, might think that I'm exaggerating but I mean it. Webpages or documents that incorporate videos are essential to my success as a learner...both in academic and general [...]