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The Silent Lambs Should Scream – Empowering Women

~~~A Silence of the Lambs film review and analysis~~~ With Academy Award, Golden Globe awards and many others, the brilliant actors and director of Silence of the Lambs did not fail to impress. The film’s success came as no surprise seeing as its talented stars, Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins have only ever succeeded in [...]

Hell and High Water – Film Review and Analysis Somehow, viewers find themselves cheering for two bank-robbing brothers during this refreshing, modern day Texan story. Driven into debt by the reverse mortgage taxes of America's 2007 economy crash, Hell and High Water's protagonists must rob to pay off their momma's ranch. If you don't mind coarse language, watch in disbelief as good guys Toby (Chris Pine) [...]

Stop Stressing: See the Bigger Picture of Mother Nature

Hello fellow writers and all nature lovers. This is a response to The Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge With all the Canada 150 national events going on this past summer, I couldn't help but feel inspired to go out hiking in the forests and celebrate the breath-taking beauty of my homeland. From destinations as small as [...]