Lessons Learned from 2 Years of Blogging

Guess who's back! (*jokingly cues Eminem song* back again. Shady's back. Tell a friend!) No but seriously, hey everybody. I've returned from my 4-month long posting hiatus to become a frequent blogger again...and man does it feel good. I'm excited to enter a third year of producing content for this excellent community. In fact, let [...]


What Does Earth Day Mean to You?

Today is Earth Day: the special time of year when the members of our planet take time to honor and give back to the magnificent planet that nurtures us year round. What are you doing to honor Mother Nature today? Let the community know through this poll or elaborate in the comments.

Stop Stressing: See the Bigger Picture of Mother Nature

Today, I thought this post would be appropriate to remind us of the importance of Earth Day.

The Writing Wave

Hello fellow writers and all nature lovers. This is a response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge

With all the Canada 150 national events going on this past summer, I couldn’t help but feel inspired to go out hiking in the forests and celebrate the breath-taking beauty of my homeland. From destinations as small as nearby nature reserves to destinations of Jasper, AB, there was tons of nature to be found.

I tend to come to a lot of realizations when I’m out in nature. Particularly my hike in Punch Bowl Falls, Jasper, lead me to realize how useless it is to spend time stressing about the social structures and worries of our daily lives. Allow me to explain.

Looking out into the Punch Bowl valley, I saw luscious vegetation for miles above me and waterfalls flowing down for miles below me, all to unite in a pool of…

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Still I Rise

Hello fellow bloggers, I know my my posting day doesn't come for another week but I just couldn't help myself...not for something as big as this! Today marks the 90th birthday of someone who was one of the most revolutionary civil right activists: Maya Angelou. I used to find motivational quotations and poems kinda cheesy [...]

Poem: The Foundation – by Imani-Amour

The Writing Wave

I am many people’s rock
like the base of a building,
more and more bricks piled on I,
foundation of others

So much weight, I can’t take
others problems placed before mine
always you, you, you but never I
more weight as I make
promises I won’t keep
I can not keep

For soon an emotional wrecking ball                                                                                                       life swings without fail
and I, foundation, crack
and break
and with a crash I fall
I let my bricks tumble down
I can’t help them off the ground

I’m already there
Dragged down, destroyed disaster.
We’re all better off on…

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How Many Languages?

In this blogging community all about writing and literary works, I thought it would be interesting to find out how many languages members can write in. Let us all know through this poll. If you've got a minute, comment which languages they are or which languages you wish you could learn.

In Honour of Black History Month…

I am privileged enough to say that, in my reality, a flourishing array of races, religions, cultures  and generally different life perspectives have been able to co-exist. However, I recognize that my peacefully diverse reality has not always been possible throughout history. It is the hard work of egalitarian citizens that has led to my [...]

Film Analysis: The Way Way Back

Directors Nat Faxon and Jim Rash enrich this heart-warming, coming-of-age story through  symbolic and meaningful choices mainly made in movie title, lighting and wardrobe. There were also a few meaningful choices in color scheme and location. All these mechanisms are used to evoke a deep empathy in the viewer for the movie’s protagonist. These mechanisms [...]

Ever Wondered About a Cop’s life?: Interview With A Peace Officer

Just as promised back in August, I've ensured that this blog dabbles into a variety of  topics in addition to writing.  Part of this has been, reporting interview answers from members in diverse professions for any of my readers making their career choices. Today, here's an interview with Peace Officer Williams: How long have you [...]