Poll: Stranger Things TV Show

Just in time for Halloween, Stranger Things and its spooky, suspenseful story line returns for a second season today. Yay :)! To any fans of the show, who is binge watching it all today? Tell me through through this poll and do share your thoughts of the episodes in the comments. Meanwhile, if you need a recap or [...]


Good Things on Stranger Things- TV Show Review- Imani Amour

In our setting of Hawkins, Indiana, 1983, everyone has their monsters---both figuratively and literally. Take the evil Demogorgon monster for example, who has stolen Will Byers and left behind his devastated family and friends. They must all slay their monsters of grief and some even battle supposed insanity when they start seeing and hearing paranormal signs [...]

Nearly 100% For “The 100” – A Television Show Review

I recently finished the first season of the CW channel's T.V. show "The 100" and for all those who enjoy the post-apocalyptic, survival genre...man will this show be a treat! This dystopian, sci-fi drama succeeds a fictional nuclear war that eliminates all terrestrial life, leaving only the citizens up in orbiting international space stations as [...]