In Honour of Black History Month…

I am privileged enough to say that, in my reality, a flourishing array of races, religions, cultures  and generally different life perspectives have been able to co-exist. However, I recognize that my peacefully diverse reality has not always been possible throughout history. It is the hard work of egalitarian citizens that has led to my [...]


Underdog ~ Poem

Underdog~ Poem It will catch you, hold you captive The truth And it won't set you free this time That you're not enough you're not enough. always trying to make up wearing makeup to hide the flaws that make you That make you not enough Underdog. All you'll ever be. Under not over. You'll never [...]

Hell and High Water – Film Review and Analysis Somehow, viewers find themselves cheering for two bank-robbing brothers during this refreshing, modern day Texan story. Driven into debt by the reverse mortgage taxes of America's 2007 economy crash, Hell and High Water's protagonists must rob to pay off their momma's ranch. If you don't mind coarse language, watch in disbelief as good guys Toby (Chris Pine) [...]

Spotlight is Always Yours

The floor's yours Time to take Your rightful spot On center stage Perform your best Give your all Until judge says: You're worth it This deepest desire So close you... Can taste it Can almost grasp In your fingertips But it slips Along with all Trace of confidence Into abyss of Not good enough If [...]

“Riptide” by Vance Joy-Song Analysis-Imani-Amour

The Writing Wave

Riptide by Vance Joy was released in late 2013 and its sweet ukulele chords and lyrics still reach through to me every time I hear it. The reason for this is because two summers ago, in the final months before I moved from my hometown, my close friend made a slideshow of pictures and used this song in the background. This song reminds me of her and I feel that this is why this song always takes me to such a deep place. I’ve always enjoyed the song solely for this reason; never taking the time to actually try and understand the song’s lyrics. Now I have finally analyzed them and am feeling inspired to share what I feel the lines mean.

Before I begin, the lyrics of the song can be found here:

A lyric video is also here if you’d like to hear it:

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