Naming Characters After Types of Bread?: Explaining Peeta’s Name from the Hunger Games

Hello fellow writers, At last the time has come where I may write analysis and opinions regarding the Hunger Games novel on this blog! It took me quite some time-- I know. I mean it normally takes me about a month to read these kind of books but I guess that new school semester just [...]


Hunger Games Collection – Response to “Names” Weekly Photo Challenge

Hello fellow bloggers. In light of the "Names" photo challenge from The The Daily Post, I snapped this picture of the names of the "Hunger Games Series" novels by Suzanne Collins. These are the names of the novels from one my favorite series by one of my favorite authors! More importantly, these are the names [...]

“The Maze Runner” by James Dashner – Novel Review-Imani-Amour

A novel review and analysis by Imani-Amour * Spoiler alert warning: in the review segment of this written work, any sentences that give away spoilers have been written in a nearly illegible font colour. This ensure that those who have not yet read the book won't have the plot spoiled for them. Those who have [...]