If You’ve Been Trying to Become a Leader ~ “Coach Carter” Film Analysis

Hey fellow bloggers ~~Just a friendly reminder that I also post on Vocal now and if you've got a moment you can read this article there instead to support my writing career. Appreciated~~ In 1999, news channel headlines were brimming with the scandalous disciplinary measures taking place at Richmond High School, California. Ken Carter, the [...]


Bumblebee: Only B(ee) That’s Worth an A+

Film Review (rating 4/5) Hey fellow bloggers, Do you love rocking out to the Smiths, Bon Jovi and other 80s musical icons? Do you remember being an angsty teen rebelliously adventuring for your freedom and true place in the world? Are you looking for a heartwarming story about true friendship helping with the stages of [...]

Unrealistic Moments in Mama Mia 2: Why We All Love it Anyway

Hey fellow bloggers, So by now I' m sure you've seen or heard of the Mama Mia 2 movie release...and it's awesome! If you're still deciding whether to splurge on tickets, you can take it from me (or,  if you prefer, from the 80% review on Rotten Tomatoes) that the movie's worth it. If you're [...]