Unrealistic Moments in Mama Mia 2: Why We All Love it Anyway

Hey fellow bloggers, So by now I' m sure you've seen or heard of the Mama Mia 2 movie release...and it's awesome! If you're still deciding whether to splurge on tickets, you can take it from me (or,  if you prefer, from the 80% review on Rotten Tomatoes) that the movie's worth it. If you're [...]


Five Ways to Prep for “Back To School” Season

Hello fellow writers and students, I know we've secretly been dreading it all summer, but alas that rueful time of year has come: Back to School. *Insert Doomsday Music*. While I know we all cherished our summer sleeping-in and extensive free-time, going back to the books doesn't have to be so dreadful. After all, this [...]