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Whether it’s a short story, poem or video that you’d like to share, here is a forum where you can inquire, debate, philosophize and discuss it all.  Share your review/poem/ opinion etc. in the comments and other writers will comment their feedback.

P.S. You can post a link to a work piece on your own website too.


10 thoughts on “Share Your Own Work + Get Feedback

  1. The first time that they locked eyes was the beginning of their end. It was all fun and games, topsy turvy; like a roller coaster that never stopped going up. It felt like the sun was rising for them and it would never set, like the birds were singing for them and they would never stop.
    She was the tide and he was the shore; the universe knew that they would always come back to each other. When they kissed the whole world froze and they were passionately trapped in a beautiful garden of love. The flowers would bloom and the entire sky would radiate their happiness. She shared every inch of her soul with him and he did the same. They were on a never-ending path of light and excitement. Each day was more intimate than the next and the high was like nothing before.
    How long could this last?
    His mouth whispered tragic the night the birds stopped singing. Somehow the word beauty slipped off of his lips and he could not stop focusing on the outside. He didn’t realize that the definition of beautiful was her; that the outside wasn’t even a fraction of how lovely she was on the inside.
    The ride dropped, and so did they. They were fragile as glass from the start and just like that, shattered. As he picked up the pieces he couldn’t stop thinking of the bad, the downs, the tears. But every shard of that glass reminded him of why they loved eachother, why they love eachother. He looked down at his blood stained hands and realized his mistake, desperately hoping it wasn’t too late. Every part of her was completely and utterly extraordinary.
    They rebuilt their love on a stronger foundation and accepted that even though there would be permanent scars, the ups were better than the downs. Ane that anything hate can do, love can certainly do better.


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    1. I saw the review and was blown away at how well composed it is. I like your genuine, honest writing style and truly wouldn’t change a thing. After reading that, I want to watch the movie…but I’m scared it will be too violent. On a scale of 1-10, how likely am I to have nightmares or haunting memories from the scenes of violence?

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      1. Thank you so much for the feedback! I appreciate it. As far as the violence and haunting imagery, this film is hard to stomach at times because some of the things that happen to her are so tragic and/or horrific. It’s definitely worth a watch, but I would proceed with caution if you are a little squeamish.

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  2. Alter

    She gets up in the morning with confidence exuding from every pore. Delighted in what they day might bring, she puts together a bold outfit without a hint of hesitation. A disapproving look would only bring her joy, as she embraces the very things about her that society might reject. There’s no need to take a final glance in the mirror before heading out, appearance the least of her concern.

    Unplagued by fear or anxiety, every interaction with another human being is effortless. She looks for any opportunity to make conversation, though the people are drawn to her like magnets. Never afraid to speak her mind, never doubting, never crippled by the fear of what all could go wrong. She doesn’t live for those moments, she lives for this one. She lives for now. Never worrying what the next moment could bring, she lives fearlessly.

    Spreading laughter and optimism wherever she goes, nothing could challenge her morale, for she knows who she is, she likes who she is, and she wouldn’t change a thing.

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    1. Oh lord, this was just refreshing. Even though I loved the whole thing, my favourite line is “a bold outfit with a Hint of Hesitation.” This is a perfect depiction of the confidence I am trying to acquire in my life and I couldn’t have expressed that as eloquently as you have here. Thanks very much for sharing!

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